What Encourages Women to Abort?: Arguments Against Abortion

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The Ethics of AbortionThe Ethics of Abortion: Women’s Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice

Appealing to reason rather than religious belief, this book is the most comprehensive case against the choice of abortion yet published. The Ethics of Abortion critically evaluates all the major grounds for denying fetal personhood, including the views of those who defend not only abortion but also infanticide. It also provides several (non-theological) justifications for the conclusion that all human beings, including those in utero, should be respected as persons. This book also critiques the view that abortion is not wrong even if the human fetus is a person. The Ethics of Abortion examines hard cases for those who are prolife, such as abortion in cases of rape or in order to save the mother’s life, as well as hard cases for defenders of abortion, such as sex selection abortion and the rationale for being “personally opposed” but publically supportive of abortion. It concludes with a discussion of whether artificial wombs might end the abortion debate. Answering the arguments of defenders of abortion, this book provides reasoned justification for the view that all intentional abortions are morally wrong and that doctors and nurses who object to abortion should not be forced to act against their consciences.

Arguments against abortion never get out-dated. The church and government always put up debates and panels of opinions about the process of abortion. As we may all consider, abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removing the fetus or embryo from the womb of its mother. Most of us would think that this is illegal and is a crime. Hence, we should all be considerate enough about this issue.

A number of irresponsible people exist in this world. Some teenagers find abortion as a solution for their unpreparedness and vulnerability. On the other hand, abortion makes it possible for other moms that are unfortunate to have a baby. These cases may include a weak system, disease complications, and other critical conditions that arise due to pregnancy, an acceptable reason indeed.

The Church and the Government on Arguments Against Abortion

Arguments Against Abortion: The Laws and Regulations

Arguments Against Abortion

Despite of the laws that prohibit illegal abortion, still most of these cases happen without the authority being aware. Along with the very strict regulations on abortion that can threaten human lives, it does not show that the law rules. This makes the percentage of abortion cases increase every hour. While the government and the church continues to manifest abortion arguments.

Moreover, in some other countries, abortion has been made legal and acceptable provided that the process has reasonable facts regarding the health of either the mother or the baby itself and not just because they’re not prepared to parent a child. Sex education has also been made visible to health lessons in schools and universities. The government and the rest of the community have this accepted in order to get more information on the avoidance, cause and effects and all the rest about the reproductive health.

Abortion Pros and Cons

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Arguments against abortion still continue and will continue as long as some people support it and do it. In abortion, a helpless, mindless baby is being killed and abandoned. No matter how anyone of us say that fertilized eggs or fetuses aren’t yet alive or anything like that, it is still nonnegotiable that abortion is a murder.

Meanwhile, some moms don’t still take it seriously. If they get the chance to keep their baby, some gets the alternative of getting their child adopted by another person or pair to take care of the baby. Unreasonable, indeed. Thus, killing of innocent life in the womb has been rejected and instead, it is where a mom decides to give her babe out.

Women AbuseIn cases of rape, some women do abortion as a result of physical, mental, and emotional instability. A child that is a result of rape has no sin in that crime and abortion of the kid will not take away the pain and trauma but rather, will result to more ache in the heart. On the other hand, young mothers can also be exposed to these kinds of crimes but presently, it has been very evident that only few would choose to abort their babies because there are many options to consider. Adoption, abortion or motherhood. Young moms, despite their young age will choose their babies to live rather than die and get no chance of living and seeing the brilliance of the world.

In addition, articles, newspapers, and the press have affected our insights so much. More so, it is definitely real that when you get to read articles of abortion pros and cons, you will also have to change your mind and opinions. Well, it would still be up to you. But, with women under stress, they are prone to various beliefs gathered from different statements that they may encounter but in the long run, it would still be God who have the right to judge us as he guides us in every step we take.